What We Do

Design, Development, and Consulting work from Dressler LLC


Wiley Publishing had more more digital initiatives than they had digital resources. Wiley had successfully transformed themselves into a digital publishing company for a new century. But their aggressive timelines and new initiatives required a trusted design and development partner that could work seamlessly with their internal team. Dressler has become that partner, working across different product groups and platforms. We've built new sites and designed new digital products. We've helped them institute their ambitious A/B testing initiatives and we've helped build out a unified content management system. There is virtually no part of their digital infrastructure that we don't touch in some way. Wiley is the perfect Dressler client — collaborative, demanding, and eager to push the limits of technology.

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum

The 9/11 Museum was launching a special exhibition featuring work from New York based artists reacting to the events of September 11th. The exhibition was to be called Rendering the Unthinkable. However, the museum needed a partner capable of producing the digital experience on the interactive kiosks that could be sensitive to the mission of the museum and responsive to last minute changes to the content. Dressler built the software to allow for real time updating of content with native-level responsiveness. Our designs and user experience were restrained, but engaging, reflecting the serious nature of the museum. The project became a deep source of pride to the entire team.


Gusto is a San Francisco based technology company focused on changing the way payroll, benefits and HR are handled in the 21st Century. While Gusto has some of the best engineers in the world working on their products, they didn't want those engineers being distracted creating code for their content blogs and marketing website. Gusto began working with Dressler to reduce multiple Wordpress instances to a single, easy-to-update template. After having relied on freelancers for several years, the Wordpress codebase needed to be cleaned up and streamlined. Based on their experience with the initial project, Gusto quickly followed up with several more.

Phillips Club

Creative agency BrenesCo approached Dressler to develop the designs for a new website for the Phillips Club brand. We completely rebuilt the site using a custom Wordpress design and integrated reservations capabilities. Following the launch, we trained client and agency teams on how to maintain the site without development capabilities.


We collaborated with the team at pharmaceutical agency Brick City Greenhouse to build a new site for Horizon Pharma's Pennsaid brand. During the building of the site, a new client marketing team came on board and the site grew in scope to include CRM integration, tagging and a vastly improved data structure. Throughout, the team at Brick City Greenhouse proved to be effective and focused partners and the site launched on schedule.

Decor NYC

Decor NYC is a brick and mortar store with a unique ecommerce challenge. Because their inventory is entirely high end furniture consigned by wealthy individuals, their ecommerce platform needed to support thousands and thousands of unique SKU's. Each product is unique, with a unique profile and each profile needs to be optimized for search since these types of one of a kind items are sold to collectors and interior designers all over the world. Dressler customized a Magento solution for Decor NYC that allowed them to quickly and easily enter new products. Within one month, the system had more than paid for itself.

Out of Home

Dressler works with a range of advertising agencies, digital consultancies and digital agencies. Once these companies have convinced their clients to build a new digital experience, they sometimes find that they don't have the resources or the bandwidth to get it built on schedule. Dressler partners with the agency or the consultancy to do as much or as little of the work as required. Sometimes, we design and build the entire experience. Other times, we only do design and user experience. Or we take the design and build a website or native app to spec. The keys to these relationships are communication, shared responsibility and a commitment to staying within a budget.

Oliver Scholars

Olivers Scholars has a mission to take exceptional minority students from disadvantaged backgrounds in New York City and help them gain admittance to elite private schools. Because of the financial and academic support Oliver Scholars offers its applicants, its graduation rates and college admissions rates are exceptional within the non-profit community. However, the organization found that potential donors were leaving their annual fundraisers with very little understanding of the mission. Using a unique 120 foot screen in the IAC Building in Manhattan, Dressler created a 20 minute animation to play on a loop during the fundraiser to explain the mission. We showed the path of an Oliver Scholar from their home neighborhoods to elite private school and finally to our nation's top universities through simple line drawing. Due in some small part to this fundraiser, Oliver Scholars has been able to secure extensive new funding and increase the number of students they serve.


Centurion is a non-profit organization dedicated to freeing wrongly convicted individuals. Unlike the comparatively more famous Freedom Project, Centurion takes on the much more challenging non-DNA cases. But the hard work of freeing innocent people without DNA evidence requires the organization to raise money and find volunteers. We helped them by redesigning and rebuilding their website so that it would be easy to update case information, work on mobile devices and push donors to a much clearer call to action. Dressler is tremendously proud to be associated with this noble organization. Please support them if you can.


Five Acre Farms had a paper problem. As a local food company supplying major supermarkets throughout the northeast, they had an active salesforce going out to meet with store managers and check on inventory and expiration dates. However, their method for tracking all of these contacts was paper and email based. Thousands and thousands of store reports went unread and they had trouble identifying and fixing problem stores or problematic suppliers. Dressler built them an integrated phone-based web app that allowed their sales reps to enter and submit reports on their smartphones and a desktop dashboard that allowed management to instantly identify problems, address issues and maintain constant realtime awareness of their entire distribution network. Five Acre Farms liked this tool so much, their management briefly considered starting another company to license the technology to other brands.


Cableboxer is an app that helps consumers get rid of their cable provider by providing alternatives based upon individual zip code and personal viewing habits. But when the service launched, people were waiting too long to get their recommendations. After reviewing the existing database and algorithm, Dressler decided that it needed to be completely rebuilt from scratch. We redesigned the interface and created a new, more extensive database and powerful new algorithm to generate faster, more accurate results. When Cableboxer relaunched, average wait times fell by more than two thirds and the advanced analytics and data layer we added could immediately identify bottlenecks.